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M2 Commission

This work has been a challenge as have not done anything like it before. Trying to capture the current condition of the wreck, the undersea colour and light, the sense of exploration by divers, the focus of the painting and composition – all fluid and have changed direction and thoughts several times in the process of the work. However, I now feel it coming together and need to push now to get it finished. Like the ‘Eagle owl painting, I enjoy working with a limited pallet. Allows me to concentrate on the light, composition and detail more effectively than painting a scene with a wide range of colours to capture.

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Will go to any depths to get painting reference!

So I needed reference of Simon exploring the¬†wreck of the M2 submarine for his commissioned painting (in progress), only was having trouble getting booked on the wreck as local skippers were all booked or weather turned against us. So… brief to Simon at National Diving and Activity Centre (NDAC) Teddenham, near Chepstow was “at 30 meters shine your torch on the rock and pretend you are exploring the torpedo tubes”. That’l have to do : )