Steve studied as a graphic designer at Gloucester College of Arts and Technology where, in 1986, he attained distinction and diploma membership to the Chartered Society of Designers. He painted watercolours of British wildlife and was commissioned to produce pet portraits which helped support him through his studies. His first exhibition was at the Subscription Rooms in Stroud where he had paintings on the same wall as David Shepherd. As Steve worked hard in his career as a designer he found little time to paint but developed his drawing skills by using them daily to help him communicate his ideas.

A few years ago he found a growing desire to paint again, particularly subjects related to the coast and the sea for which he had a passion. Steve’s love of the sea has led him to it’s depths as an experienced SCUBA diver and across it’s waves as an RYA Powerboat instructor. These activities gave him many opportunities to study the waves and water action in a very interactive way.

His first subject in his return to painting was his own encounter with an Emperor Angel fish in the Red Sea, completed in 2010. It was also his first attempt at oils, a medium he now enjoys immensely for it’s rich colours, depth of tone and blending characteristics. As Steve continued to paint he found glazing with oils a wonderful means of portraying water, light and reflections.

He joined a local art group in 2012 as a means of motivation, as it was too easy to find other stuff to do in his busy life, other than paint. This seems to have worked as he now paints more regularly from his cabin studio in his garden in Gloucester. His motivation and inspiration has continued to grow and Steve has begun exploring new technologies using Adobe Sketch on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

Steve is still finding his way, trying techniques new to him in a bid to find his style, or maybe he found it way back and hasn’t realised it yet!


I am happy to recieve requests for private commissions of paintings or drawings. I will first discuss your requirements with you, including subject, size, medium and style. I will then normaly create a rough sketch to approve layout and composition, but this is not always appropriate. I can work from life, photograghs or straight from my head.

Please note though, that I will not automatically take on a commission request. If the original reference is not good enough for me to work from, I deem the subject matter not of my style or am simply too busy with other work, I reserve the right to politely turn the work down.

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